Team Management

147 Rules Of Team Management

One idea

Cultivate a group of people who are good at solving problems, instead of solving all problems by yourself!

Four principles

1) The employee's method can solve the problem, even if it is a stupid method, don't interfere!
2) Don't find responsibility for the problem, encourage employees to talk more about which method is more effective!
3) One method fails, guide employees to find other methods!
4) Find a method effective, then teach it to your subordinates; subordinates have good methods, remember to learn!

Seven steps

1) Create a comfortable working environment, so that employees have better enthusiasm and creativity to solve problems.
2) Regulate the emotions of employees so that employees can look at problems from a positive perspective and find reasonable solutions.
3) Help employees break down the goals into actions to make the goals clear and effective.
4) Use your resources to help employees solve problems and achieve goals.
5) Praise an employee's behavior, not general praise.
6) Let employees do self-assessment of work progress, so that employees can find a way to complete the remaining work.
7) Guide employees to "look forward", ask less "why" and ask more "what do you do"