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  • How does flake graphite behave as an electrode?

    We all know that flake graphite can be used in various fields, because of its characteristics and we favor, so what are the performance of flake graphite as electrode? In the lithium ion battery materials, the anode material is the key to determine the battery performance. 1. flake graphite can r...
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  • What are the advantages of expandable graphite?

    1. Expandable graphite can improve the processing temperature of flame retardant materials. In industrial production, the commonly used method is to add flame retardants into engineering plastics, but due to the low decomposition temperature, decomposition will occur first, resulting in failure....
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  • Flame-retardant process of expanded graphite and expandable graphite

    In industrial production, expanded graphite can be used as flame retardant, play the role of heat insulation flame retardant, but when adding graphite, to add extensible graphite, so as to achieve the best flame retardant effect. The main reason is the transformation process of expanded graphite ...
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  • Brief introduction to the concept of high purity graphite powder products processing manufacturers

    High purity graphite refers to the carbon content of graphite & GT; 99.99%, widely used in metallurgical industry high-grade refractory materials and coatings, military industry pyrotechnical materials stabilizer, light industry pencil lead, electrical industry carbon brush, battery industry ...
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  • Expandable graphite is produced by two processes

    Expandable graphite is produced by two processes

    Expandable graphite is produced by two processes: chemical and electrochemical. The two processes are different in addition to the oxidation process, deacidification, water washing, dehydration, drying and other processes are the same. The quality of the products of the vast majority of manufactu...
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