Staff Training

Overall Objective

1. Strengthen the training of the company's senior management, improve the business philosophy of the operators, broaden their thinking, and enhance the decision-making ability, strategic development ability and modern management ability.
2. Strengthen the training of the company's middle-level managers, improve the overall quality of managers, improve the knowledge structure, and enhance the overall management ability, innovation ability and execution ability.
3. Strengthen the training of the company's professional and technical personnel, improve the technical theoretical level and professional skills, and enhance the capabilities of scientific research and development, technological innovation, and technological transformation.
4. Strengthen the technical level training of the company's operators, continuously improve the business level and operating skills of the operators, and enhance the ability to strictly perform job duties.
5. Strengthen the educational training of the company's employees, improve the scientific and cultural level of personnel at all levels, and enhance the overall cultural quality of the workforce.
6. Strengthen the training of the qualifications of management personnel and industry personnel at all levels, accelerate the pace of work with certificates, and further standardize management.

Principles And Requirements

1. Adhere to the principle of teaching on demand and seeking practical results. In accordance with the needs of the company's reform and development and the diverse training needs of employees, we will carry out training with rich content and flexible forms at different levels and categories to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of education and training, and to ensure the quality of training.
2. Adhere to the principle of independent training as the mainstay, and external commission training as the supplement. Integrate training resources, establish and improve a training network with the company’s training center as the main training base and neighboring colleges and universities as the training base for foreign commissions, base on independent training to do basic training and regular training, and conduct related professional training through foreign commissions.
3. Adhere to the three implementation principles of training personnel, training content, and training time. In 2021, the accumulated time for senior management personnel to participate in business management training shall be no less than 30 days; the accumulated time for mid-level cadres and professional technical personnel business training shall be no less than 20 days; and the accumulated time for general staff operation skills training shall be no less than 30 days.

Training Content And Method

(1) Company leaders and senior executives

1. Develop strategic thinking, improve business philosophy, and improve scientific decision-making capabilities and business management capabilities. By participating in high-end entrepreneurial forums, summits, and annual meetings; visiting and learning from successful domestic companies; participating in high-end lectures by senior trainers from well-known domestic companies.
2. Educational degree training and practicing qualification training.

(2) Middle-level management cadres

1. Management practice training. Production organization and management, cost management and performance appraisal, human resource management, motivation and communication, leadership art, etc. Ask experts and professors to come to the company to give lectures; organize relevant personnel to participate in special lectures.
2. Advanced education and professional knowledge training. Actively encourage qualified middle-level cadres to participate in university (undergraduate) correspondence courses, self-examinations or to participate in MBA and other master's degree studies; organize management, business management, and accounting professional management cadres to participate in the qualification examination and obtain the qualification certificate.
3. Strengthen the training of project managers. This year, the company will vigorously organize the rotation training of in-service and reserve project managers, and strive to achieve more than 50% of the training area, focusing on improving their political literacy, management ability, interpersonal communication ability and business ability. At the same time, the "Global Vocational Education Online" distance vocational education network was opened to provide employees with a green channel for learning.
4. Broaden your horizons, expand your thinking, master information, and learn from experience. Organize middle-level cadres to study and visit upstream and downstream companies and related companies in batches to learn about production and operation and learn from successful experience.

(3) Professional and technical personnel

1. Organize professional and technical personnel to study and learn advanced experience in advanced companies in the same industry to broaden their horizons. It is planned to arrange two groups of personnel to visit the unit during the year.
2. Strengthen the strict management of outbound training personnel. After training, write out written materials and report to the training center, and if necessary, learn and promote some new knowledge within the company.
3. For professionals in accounting, economics, statistics, etc. who need to pass examinations to obtain professional technical positions, through planned training and pre-examination guidance, improve the pass rate of professional title examinations. For engineering professionals who have obtained professional and technical positions through review, hiring relevant professional experts to give special lectures, and improve the technical level of professional and technical personnel through multiple channels.

(4) Basic training for employees

1. New workers entering the factory training
In 2021, we will continue to strengthen the company's corporate culture training, laws and regulations, labor discipline, safety production, teamwork, and quality awareness training for newly recruited employees. Each training year shall not be less than 8 class hours; through the implementation of masters and apprentices, professional skills training for new employees, the rate of signing contracts for new employees must reach 100%. The probation period is combined with the performance evaluation results. Those who fail the evaluation will be dismissed, and those who are outstanding will be given a certain commendation and reward.

2. Training for transferred employees
It is necessary to continue to train human center personnel on corporate culture, laws and regulations, labor discipline, safety production, team spirit, career concept, company development strategy, company image, project progress, etc., and each item shall not be less than 8 class hours. At the same time, with the expansion of the company and the increase of internal employment channels, timely professional and technical training shall be conducted, and the training time shall not be less than 20 days.

3. Strengthen the training of compound and high-level talents.
All departments should actively create conditions to encourage employees to self-study and participate in various organizational trainings, so as to realize the unification of personal development and corporate training needs. To expand and improve the professional ability of management personnel to different management career directions; to expand and improve the professional ability of professional and technical personnel to related majors and management fields; to enable construction operators to master more than two skills and become a composite type with one specialization and multiple abilities Talents and high-level talents.

Measures And Requirements

(1) Leaders should attach great importance to it, all departments should actively participate in cooperation, formulate practical and effective training implementation plans, implement a combination of guidance and directives, adhere to the development of the overall quality of employees, establish long-term and overall concepts, and be proactive Build a "big training pattern" to ensure that the training plan is over 90% and the full-staff training rate is over 35%.

(2) The principles and form of training. Organize training in accordance with the hierarchical management and hierarchical training principles of "who manages the personnel, who trains". The company focuses on management leaders, project managers, chief engineers, high-skilled talents and "four new" promotion training; all departments should closely cooperate with the training center to do a good job in the rotation training of new and in-service employees and the training of compound talents. In the form of training, it is necessary to combine the actual situation of the enterprise, adjust measures to local conditions, teach in accordance with their aptitude, combine external training with internal training, base training and on-site training, and adopt flexible and diverse forms such as skill drills, technical contests, and appraisal examinations; Lectures, role-playing, case studies, seminars, on-site observations and other methods are combined with each other. Choose the best method and form, organize training.

(3) Ensure the effectiveness of training. One is to increase inspection and guidance and improve the system. The company should establish and improve its own employee training institutions and venues, and conduct irregular inspections and guidance on various training conditions at all levels of the training center; the second is to establish a commendation and notification system. Recognition and rewards are given to departments that have achieved outstanding training results and are solid and effective; departments that have not implemented the training plan and lag in employee training should be notified and criticized; the third is to establish a feedback system for employee training, and insist on comparing the evaluation status and results of the training process with The salary and bonus during my training period are linked. Realize the improvement of employees' self-training awareness.

In today's great development of enterprise reform, facing the opportunities and challenges given by the new era, only by maintaining the vitality and vitality of employee education and training can we create a company with strong capabilities, high technology and high quality, and adapt to the development of market economy. The team of employees enables them to make better use of their ingenuity and make greater contributions to the development of the enterprise and the progress of the society.
Human resources are the first element of corporate development, but our companies always find it difficult to keep up with the talent echelon. Excellent employees are difficult to select, cultivate, use, and retain?

Therefore, how to build the core competitiveness of an enterprise, talent training is the key, and talent training comes from employees who constantly improve their professional qualities and knowledge and skills through continuous learning and training, so as to build a high-performance team. From excellence to excellence, the enterprise will always be evergreen!