Why can flake graphite be used as a pencil lead

Now on the market, a lot of pencil leads are made of scale graphite, so why can scale graphite do pencil leads? Today Furuite graphite xiaobian will tell you why scale graphite can be a pencil lead:

Why flake graphite can be used as pencil lead

First of all, it’s black; Second, it has a soft texture that leaves a trace as it slides lightly across the paper. If you look at it under a magnifying glass, the pencil writing is made up of tiny scales of graphite.

The carbon atoms in the flake graphite are arranged in layers, and the connections between layers are very weak, while the three carbon atoms in the layers are very strong, so when pressed, the layers slide easily, like a pile of playing cards. With a gentle push, the cards slide apart.

In fact, the lead of a pencil is made of scale graphite and clay mixed in a certain proportion. According to national standards, there are 18 types of pencils according to the concentration of flake graphite. ”H” stands for clay and is used to indicate the hardness of the pencil lead. The larger the number before the “H”, the harder the lead, meaning that the greater the proportion of clay mixed with graphite in the lead, the less visible the words, which are often used for copying.

Post time: Apr-13-2022