The relationship between flake graphite and graphite powder

Flake graphite and graphite powder are used in various fields of industry due to their good high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubrication, plasticity and other properties. Processing to meet the industrial requirements of customers, today, the editor of Furuite graphite will briefly talk about flake graphite and graphite powder:

Graphite flakes and graphite powder are both crushed and processed by natural graphite flakes. Graphite flakes are the product of primary crushing of graphite graphite flakes, while graphite powder is processed by deep crushing of graphite graphite flakes. The particle size of graphite powder is larger than that of graphite flakes. It is finer, and the application of graphite powder is more in industry.
The specific industrial uses are different, and the characteristics of the flake graphite and graphite powder that need to be selected are also different.
1. In the field of industrial lubrication, flake graphite with large flake size should be selected.
The application of flake graphite In the field of industrial lubrication, it is necessary to choose flake graphite powder with large mesh number and small particle size. Under the same conditions such as flake graphite specifications, the larger the flake size of the flake graphite, the better the lubrication effect of the crushed graphite powder.
Second, in the field of electrical conductivity, flake graphite with high carbon content should be selected.
When graphite powder is used in the production of conductive materials, it is necessary to choose graphite powder with high carbon content. The higher the carbon content, the better the electrical conductivity of the graphite powder.
The morphology of flake graphite and graphite powder is different, and the specific application in industry is also different. Furuite Graphite reminds you that when choosing graphite products, customers should choose suitable industrial products according to specific industrial applications, so as to maximize the role of flake graphite and graphite powder itself, improve work efficiency, and complete production tasks.

Post time: Aug-01-2022