Where is the natural flake graphite distributed?

According to the report of THE United States Geological Survey (2014), the proved reserves of natural flake graphite in the world are 130 million tons, among which, the reserves of Brazil are 58 million tons, and that of China is 55 million tons, ranking the top in the world. Today we will tell you about the global distribution of flake graphite resources: from the global distribution of flake graphite, although many countries have found flake graphite minerals, but there are not many deposits with a certain scale available for industrial use, mainly concentrated in China, Brazil, India, Czech Republic, Mexico and other countries.

1. China
According to the statistics of the Ministry of Land and Resources, by the end of 2014, China’s reserves of crystalline graphite were 20 million tons, and the identified reserves were about 220 million tons, mainly distributed in 20 provinces and autonomous regions such as Heilongjiang, Shandong, Inner Mongolia and Sichuan, among which Shandong and Heilongjiang are the main production areas. The reserves of cryptocrystalline graphite in China are about 5 million tons, and the identified reserves are about 35 million tons, which are mainly distributed in 9 provinces and autonomous regions such as Hunan, Inner Mongolia and Jilin, among which Chenzhou in Hunan is the concentrated place of cryptocrystalline graphite.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, Brazil has about 58 million tons of graphite ore reserves, of which more than 36 million tons are natural flake graphite reserves. Brazil’s graphite deposits are mainly located in the states of Minas Gerais and Bahia. The best flake graphite deposits are located in minas Gerais.

3. India
India has 11 million tons of graphite reserves and 158 million tons of resources. There are 3 zones of graphite ore, and the graphite ore with economic development value is mainly distributed in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa.

4. the Czech republic
The Czech Republic is the country with the most abundant flake graphite resources in Europe. The flake graphite deposits are mainly located in the southern Czech state with a fixed carbon content of 15%. The flake graphite deposits in the Moravia region are mainly microcrystalline ink with a fixed carbon content of about 35%. 5. Mexico The flake graphite ore found in Mexico is microcrystalline graphite mainly distributed in Sonora and Oaxaca states. The developed hermosillo flake graphite microcrystalline ink has a taste of 65%~85%.

Post time: Aug-06-2021