What are the advantages of graphite powder for coatings?

Graphite powder is powdered graphite with different particle sizes, specifications and carbon content. Different kinds of graphite powder are processed by different production processes. In different industrial production fields, graphite powder has different uses and functions. What are the advantages of graphite powder for coatings?

1. Based on the high conductivity of graphite powder, it can be made into various conductive coatings, high temperature resistant coatings, corrosion resistant materials, etc.
2. The graphite powder used for coating is small in dosage, good in conductivity, smooth in coating, and can be dried after coating. The coating film is not worn when it is used, and it is environmentally friendly, clean and pollution-free, which plays an important role in coating production.
3. The smaller particle size of graphite powder for coating will make the resistivity of coating lower, which will make the coating have a wider application range and a long service life.
4. The graphite powder coating for coating has good conductivity and adhesion, and it can be well bonded with smooth surfaces such as glass and plastic, and can maintain its good conductivity even at the temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. The graphite powder for coating can play the roles of conductivity, high temperature resistance and wear resistance.
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Post time: May-10-2023