Types and differences of recarburizers

The application of recarburizers is more and more extensive. As an indispensable auxiliary additive for the production of high-quality steel, high-quality recarburizers have been vigorously sought after by people. The types of recarburizers vary according to the application and raw materials. Today, the editor of Furuite graphite will tell you about the types and differences of recarburizers:

Carburizers can be divided into recarburizers for steelmaking and cast iron, and recarburizers for other materials according to their uses. According to different raw materials, recarburizers can be divided into metallurgical coke recarburizers, calcined coal recarburizers, petroleum coke recarburizers, graphitization recarburizers, natural graphite recarburizers, and composite material recarburizers.
Graphite recarburizers are very different from coal-based recarburizers:
1. The raw materials of the recarburizer are different.
Graphite recarburizer is made of natural flake graphite after screening and processing, and coal-based recarburizer is made of anthracite calcined.
Second, the characteristics of recarburizers are different.
Graphite recarburizers have the characteristics of low sulfur, low nitrogen, low phosphorus, high temperature resistance, and good electrical conductivity. These are advantages that coal-based recarburizers do not have.
3. The absorption rate of recarburizer is different.
The absorption rate of graphite recarburizers is above 90%, which is why graphite recarburizers with low fixed carbon content (75%) can also meet the requirements for use. The absorption rate of coal recarburizer is much lower than that of graphite recarburizer.
Fourth, the price of recarburizer is different.
The price of graphite recarburizer is relatively high, but the comprehensive use cost is much lower. Although the price of coal recarburizer is lower than that of other recarburizers, the work efficiency and process of later processing will add a lot of cost, and the comprehensive cost performance is higher than that of graphite recarburizer.
The above is the classification and difference of recarburizers. Furuite Graphite specializes in the production of graphite recarburizers, which can provide customers with high-quality recarburizer products to meet various needs of customers. Interested customers can come to the factory for consultation.

Post time: Jun-22-2022