Industrial upgrading of flake graphite industry under new situation

As one of the heavy industries, graphite industry is the focus of the relevant departments of the state, in recent years, it can be said that the development is very rapid. Laixi, as the “hometown of Graphite in China”, has hundreds of graphite enterprises and 22% of the national flake graphite reserves, is the main concentration area of flake graphite. Under the new situation of “green mountains and clear waters”, graphite manufacturers in Laixi region, mainly Furuite graphite, have begun to open up a new road and ushered in the industrial upgrading of the flake graphite industry:

Industrial upgrading of flake graphite industry under the new situation

First, build Qingdao flake graphite industry agglomeration area.

Based on the former Nanshu graphite mine of 5,000 mu of state-owned land and idle factory buildings, the Laixi government has planned a new graphite new material industry cluster area according to the construction requirements of modern industrial park, which has been determined as Qingdao level graphite new material industry cluster area.

Second, solve the energy clean problem of enterprises in flake graphite agglomeration area.

In order to solve the pollution problem, the graphite professional sewage treatment plant has been built, and sewage zero discharge and resource utilization projects have been built. To prevent pollution caused by enterprises from affecting the lives of local residents.

3. Build a flake graphite industry incubation base and introduce new graphene materials.

The application and development base of graphene composite materials and Qingdao Low-dimensional Materials Engineering technology Research Center will be built to promote the application of graphene composite materials in LED lighting system, automobile industry, new energy, aerospace, yacht and other industries, and carry out the application and development and production of lightweight and high-strength graphene composite materials.

Under the good policy of the government, graphite enterprises led by Furuite have carried out industrial upgrading, expand their production scale and improve processing technology, increase the added value of products, in addition, the sewage treatment plant has also solved the problem of industrial sewage discharge, plays a crucial role in the long-term development of the industry, It also better ensures the long-term healthy development of the flake graphite industry.

Post time: Apr-27-2022