Increased knowledge! The expanded graphite you don’t know.

We live in smog every day, and the continuous decline of air index makes people pay special attention to the environment. Expanded graphite has a wide range of uses and many properties. It can adsorb sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon and oxygen compounds, ammonia, decorative volatile oil, ozone, etc. It can be used to adsorb automobile gasoline vapor and reduce hydrocarbon emissions. The following Furuite Graphite Xiaobian introduces expanded graphite that you don’t often use in your life:


Expanded graphite can also be used to control the pollution of industrial waste gas and automobile exhaust to the atmosphere. Expanded graphite has a good adsorption and removal effect on SOx, NOx and metals in flue gas. The cost of expanded graphite in flue gas desulfurization can be ignored, the consumption of expanded graphite is relatively small, and the by-product sulfuric acid can be recycled.

The water we drink at ordinary times can be purified by expanded graphite, which has obvious purification effect on inorganic substances such as high iron and high molecular weight in water, excellent filtering effect on bacteria, and the removal rate of organic compounds such as cyanide, chlorine and phenol is over 90%. Furuite Graphite produces expanded graphite all the year round, with complete specifications, which can be processed and customized according to needs. Welcome to purchase.

Post time: Nov-02-2022