Graphite is classified according to the fixed carbon content.

Graphite flake is a natural solid lubricant with layered structure, which is rich in resources and cheap. Graphite has complete crystal, thin flake, good toughness, excellent physical and chemical properties, good high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubrication, plasticity and acid and alkali resistance.
According to the national standard GB/T 3518-2008, flake can be divided into four categories according to the fixed carbon content. According to the particle size and fixed carbon content, the product is divided into 212 brands.
1. high purity graphite (fixed carbon content greater than or equal to 99.9%) is mainly used as flexible graphite sealing material, instead of platinum crucible for melting chemical reagents and lubricant base materials, etc.
2. High-carbon graphite (fixed carbon content 94.0% ~ 99.9%) is mainly used for refractories, lubricant base materials, brush materials, electric carbon products, battery materials, pencil materials, fillers and coatings, etc.
3. Medium carbon graphite (with a fixed carbon content of 80% ~ 94%) is mainly used for crucibles, refractories, casting materials, casting coatings, pencil raw materials, battery raw materials and dyes, etc.
4. Low carbon graphite (fixed carbon content greater than or equal to 50.0% ~ 80.0%) is mainly used for casting coatings.
Therefore, the test accuracy of fixed carbon content directly affects the judgment basis of grading and classification of flake graphite. As an advanced enterprise in the production and processing of Laixi flake graphite, Furuite Graphite has the obligation to continuously improve its production capacity and experience and provide customers with high-quality products. Customers are welcome to inquire or visit and negotiate.

Post time: Oct-31-2022