Characteristics of graphite used as basic material

Graphite is a new type of heat-conducting and heat-dissipating material, which overcomes the shortcomings of brittleness, and works under high temperature, high pressure or radiation conditions, without decomposition, deformation or aging, with stable chemical properties. The following editor of Furuite Graphite introduces the characteristics of graphite paper used as basic material:

Graphite paper1

Graphite is made of high-quality expandable graphite by mechanical rolling, which has good physical and chemical properties, heat conduction and heat dissipation. In recent years, with the characteristics of lighter, thinner and higher thermal conductivity, the problems of heat conduction and heat dissipation of electronic products such as smart phones, tablet computers, digital products and LED lamps have been solved very well.

Graphite paper produced by Furuite Graphite has very small thermal impedance, high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance and high heat dissipation efficiency. Small space and light weight, it is a good substitute for high-performance thermal grease, while avoiding the disadvantages of poor manufacturability and dirty thermal grease. Because it is made of high-carbon flake graphite by chemical treatment and high-temperature expansion rolling, it is also the basic material for manufacturing various graphite seals.

In addition, graphite paper has corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and is the raw material for making other graphite seals, such as flexible graphite packing ring, graphite metal composite plate graphite strip, graphite sealing gasket, etc.

Post time: Oct-24-2022