Characteristics of flake graphite used in mould

In recent years, the graphite mold industry has developed by leaps and bounds, and the castings prepared are easy to form, high quality, and there is no residue in the casting itself. In order to meet the above characteristics, mold with scale graphite need to choose the right to process, today Furuite graphite xiaobian will tell you about the characteristics of mold with scale graphite:

Characteristics of flake graphite for mould (FIG. 1)

First, the heat conduction coefficient of mold flake graphite is high. The cooling speed is fast and the casting can be quickly removed using graphite molds.

Two, with a certain mechanical strength. When the casting temperature is high, the mold should maintain the inherent shape, so that the casting can be formed smoothly.

Three, thermal expansion coefficient is small, heat resistance impact performance is strong. The mold shape and size change is small when it is heated and cooled, so it is easy to keep the precision of the casting.

Four, have good machining performance.

Five, graphite oxide directly into gas volatilization, the workpiece can not leave any residue.

Post time: Apr-20-2022