Application of composite materials made of flake graphite

The biggest feature of the composite material made of flake graphite is that it has a complementary effect, that is, the components that make up the composite material can complement each other after the composite material, and can make up for their respective weaknesses and form excellent comprehensive performance. There are more and more fields that require composite materials, and it can be said that they are all over the corners of the entire human civilization. Therefore, it is highly valued by scientists around the world. Today, the editor will tell you about the use of composite materials made of flake graphite:
1. Copper-clad graphite powder is used as filler for its good electrical conductivity and thermal performance, low price and abundant raw materials for remanufacturing machine brushes.
2. The new technology of graphite silver plating, with the advantages of good conductivity and lubricity of graphite, is widely used in special brushes, radar bus rings and sliding electrical contact materials for laser sensitive electrical signals.
3. Nickel-coated graphite powder has a wide range of applications in military, electrical contact material layers, conductive fillers, electromagnetic shielding materials and coatings.
4. Combining the good processability of polymer materials with the conductivity of inorganic conductors has always been one of the research goals of researchers.
In a word, polymer composite materials made of flake graphite have been widely used in electrode materials, thermoelectric conductors, semiconductor packaging and other fields. Among the numerous fouling fillers, flake graphite has received extensive attention due to its abundant natural reserves, relatively low density and good electrical properties.

Post time: May-16-2022