Nanshu Town’s strategic breakthrough in the development of flake graphite industry

The plan of the year lies in the spring, and the project construction is at that time. In the Flake Graphite Industrial Park in Nanshu Town, many projects have entered the stage of resumption of work after the new year. Workers are hurriedly transporting building materials, and the humming of machines can be heard endlessly. In 2020, Nanshu Town established the “nine one” flake graphite promotion strategy, and focused on expanding and strengthening the graphite industry. In response to the weak and missing links in the flake graphite industry chain, Nanshu Town actively carried out chain extension and replenishment investment promotion, and made every effort to attract investment. The following Furuite graphite editor introduces Nanshu Town’s strategic breakthrough in the development of flake graphite industry:

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This year, Nanshu Town plans to complete 11 projects, plans to start 9 projects, and plans to sign 7 projects. Nanshu Town will take the project development as an opportunity, give full play to its resource advantages, innovate the concept of investment promotion, and do a good job in the upgrading of the graphite industry. In the next step, Nanshu Town will actively give full play to the integrated advantages of the Carbon Materials Research Institute of “production, education and research” and the incubation advantages of the small enterprise industrial park to accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievements and the incubation of small and micro enterprises. Play the leading role of platform companies. Relying on the financing service platform of the asset operation company, strengthen cooperation with platform companies such as China Minmetals Group and Inno Smart City, expand horizontally and dig vertically, and extend the industrial chain of the flake graphite cultural town. Based on mineral resources, due to the need to attract investment.
Make full use of the advantages of rich sand and gravel mineral resources, vigorously introduce mineral resources deep processing enterprises, and enhance the added value of mineral resources. Take advantage of special features to attract investment. Make up for shortcomings and strengthen services, and speed up the progress of project signing, start-up and completion. Improve the infrastructure of the agglomeration area, make up for the shortcomings and solve the bottleneck. Build a professional graphite sewage treatment plant to solve the problem of environmental protection shortcomings. Reasonably plan the construction land of the original Nanshu scale graphite mine, promote the construction of infrastructure such as the pipeline network, and improve the project carrying capacity of the agglomeration area.

Post time: Jun-17-2022