Matters needing attention in working and maintaining flake graphite

In daily work and life, in order to make the objects around us last longer, we need to maintain them. So does the flake graphite in graphite products. So what are the precautions for maintaining the flake graphite? Let’s introduce it below:

1. to prevent strong corrosion flame direct injection.

Although flake graphite has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of graphite, the corrosion resistance of graphite will be obviously reduced at high temperature, and the side and bottom of graphite products will be directly sprayed by strong corrosive flame for a long time, which will cause corrosion damage to its surface.

2. Use proper amount of combustion improver.

In terms of fire resistance, in order to reach the required combustion temperature, a certain amount of combustion improver is usually used, while the use of flake graphite will reduce its service life, so the use of additives must be appropriate.

3. Proper stress.

In the heating process of the heating furnace, the flake graphite should be placed in the center of the furnace, and an appropriate extrusion force should be kept between the graphite products and the furnace wall. Excessive extrusion force may cause the flake graphite to fracture.

4. Handle with care.

Because the raw material of graphite products is graphite, the overall quality is light and brittle, so when handling graphite products, we should pay attention to handle it with care. At the same time, when taking graphite products out of the heated place, we should tap it gently to remove slag and coke to prevent damage to graphite products.

5. Keep it dry.

Graphite must be kept in a dry place or on a wooden frame when it is stored. Water may cause water seepage on the surface of graphite products and cause internal erosion.

6. Preheat in advance.

In the work related to heating, before using graphite products, it is necessary to bake in drying equipment or by the furnace, and then use it after gradually increasing the temperature to 500 degrees Celsius, so as to prevent the internal stress caused by temperature difference from appearing and damaging the graphite products.

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Post time: Oct-26-2022